List of signs of branch libraries, departments and clinics, reading rooms and central book depository

1 Department of UROLOGIC SURGERY – Fundeni Clinical Institute
2 Department of PHYSIOLOGY I – Faculty of General Medicine
3 Department of GENETICS – J. – L. Calderon Street, no. 19 –21
3bis Department of PARASITOLOGY – J. – L. Calderon street, no. 19 –21
4 Department of ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY – Faculty of General Medicine
5 Department of CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE - Faculty of General Medicine
7 Department of LEGAL MEDICINE - "Mina Minovici" Medico-Legal Institute
8/12 Department of BIOCHEMISTRY - Faculty of General Medicine
11 Department of PHYSIOPATHOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY - "Dr. Gh. Marinescu” Clinical Hospital
13 Department of PHARMACOLOGY AND PHARMACOTHERAPY - Faculty of General Medicine
14/17 Department of HYGIENE and MEDICAL ECOLOGY – National Institute for Health Services and Management
15 Department of ENDOCRINOLOGY, NUTRITIONAL DISEASES AND DIABETES - "Elias" Emergency University Hospital
16 Department of CARDIOLOGY - Fundeni Clinical Institute
19 HEMATOLOGY Department - Fundeni Clinical Institute
20 Department of DENTAL MEDICINE I - Faculty of Dental Medicine
21 Department of PUBLIC HEALTH AND MANAGEMENT - National Institute for Health Services and Management
22 HISTORY OF MEDICINE Department - Faculty of General Medicine
24 MEDICAL RECOVERY Department - "Filantropia" Hospital
25 Department of ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY AND DENTAL MATERIALS - "Dan Teodorescu" Clinical Dental Hospital
26 ENDOCRINOLOGY Department - "C. I. Parhon" Institute of Endocrinology
27 Department of GENERAL SURGERY – „Sf. Ioan” Clinical Hospital
28 Department of INTERNAL MEDICINE AND CARDIOLOGY– Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital
29 HEMATOLOGY Department –Colţea Clinical Hospital
30 Department of PEDIATRICS – “M. S. Curie” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children
32 Department of ORO-MAXILO-FACIAL Surgery – Faculty of Dental Medicine
33 Department of MOBILE DENTAL PROSTHETICS – Faculty of Dental Medicine
34 Department of INTERNAL MEDICINE – “Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele” Clinical Hospital
35bis Department of INFECTIOUS AND TROPICAL DISEASES – „Dr. Victor Babeş” Hospital
36 PEDIATRICS I Department – Institute for Mother and Children Protection, „Dr. A. Rusescu” Hospital
37bis Department of PLASTIC SURGERY, RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY – “Gr. Alexandrescu” Clinical Hospital
38 Department of ORO-DENTAL DIAGNOSTIC – Faculty of Dental Medicine
39 Department of PHYSIOLOGY II – “M. Balș” National Institute of Infectious Diseases
41 Department of NEUROLOGY – “Prof. Dr. N. Gh. Lupu” Clinical Hospital
42 Department of PSYCHIATRY – „Dr. Al. Obregia” Clinical Hospital (Hospital no. 9)
43 Department of UROLOGY – „Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele” Clinical Hospital
44 Department of SURGERY – Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital
45/140 Department of ORTHOPEDICS – Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital
47 ORAL REHABILITATION Department – Faculty of Dental Medicine


Department of SURGERY – Fundeni Clinical Institute
50 Department of OBSTETRICS. GYNECOLOGY - "Prof. Dr. Panait Sîrbu" Obstetrics -Gynecology Clinical Hospital
51bis Department of GYNECOLOGY - University Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
53 Department of OBSTETRICS. GYNECOLOGY – „Bucur” Central Hospital
55 Department of OBSTETRICS. GYNECOLOGY – Faculty of General Medicine
58 Loan Center – Faculty of Dental Medicine
60 Department of PHYSICAL AND COLLOIDAL CHEMISTRY – Faculty of Pharmacy
63 Department of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY – Faculty of Pharmacy
64 Department of ANORGANIC CHEMISTRY – Faculty of Pharmacy
65 Department of ANALITICAL CHEMISTRY – Faculty of Pharmacy
66 Department of PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY – Faculty of Pharmacy
67 TOXICOLOGY LABORATORY Department – Faculty of Pharmacy
69 PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY Department – Faculty of Pharmacy
70 Department of PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY – Faculty of Pharmacy
72 Department of PHARMACOLOGY. CHEMICAL PHARMACY – Faculty of Pharmacy
76 "Thoma Ionescu" LECTURE ROOM - Faculty of General Medicine
76B "Thoma Ionescu" LECTURE ROOM Bibliology and Information Science Fund. Faculty of General Medicin
76/2 "Daniel Danielopolu" LECTURE ROOM - Faculty of General Medicine
76D CENTRAL REPOSITORY - Faculty of General Medicine
76I.M. “Carol Davila" Fund - "History of Romanian and Universal Medicine"
76Î/1 LOAN CENTER FOR I - III YEARS - Faculty of General Medicine
76Î/2 LOAN CENTER FOR IV – VI YEARS - Faculty of General Medicine
79 LECTURE AND LOAN ROOM - Faculty of Pharmacy
80 LECTURE ROOM – Faculty of Dental Medicine
81 Department of CLINICAL AND TOPOGRAPHIC ANATOMY – Faculty of Dental Medicine
97 ENT Department - "Coltea" Clinical Hospital
97bis Department of ENT - "Prof. Dr. D. Hociota” Speech and Audiology Medical Center
98 INTERNAL MEDICINE AND RHEUMATOLOGY Department –„Sf. Maria” Clinical Hospital
100 UROLOGY Department – „Sf. Ioan” Clinical Hospital
101 MEDICAL METHODOLOGICAL LIBRARY ( UDT 1) – "Carol Davila" Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
104 DERMATOLOGY Department – "Prof. Dr. Scarlet Longhin"Clinical Hospital
105 Department of NEUROSURGERY - "Prof. Dr. D. Bagdasar" Clinical Hospital
109 Department of PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY - Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital
118bis Department of ORTHOPEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY - University Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
130 MEDICINE INDUSTRY Department - Faculty of Pharmacy
136bis Department of NEUROLOGY - University Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
142 Department of ORTHODONTICS and Dentofacial Orthopedics – Eforie Street No. 4-6
143 Department of OBSTETRICS. GYNECOLOGY - "Dr. I. Cantacuzino"

Clinical Hospital

150 Department of INTERNAL MEDICINE - "Sf. Ioan" Clinical Hospital
151 Department of ORTHOPEDICS – „Sf. Pantelimon” Clinical Hospital
152 NEUROLOGY Department –„Dr. Gh. Marinescu” Clinical Hospital


155 GENERAL SURGERY AND LIVER TRANSPLANT Clinic - Fundeni Clinical Institute